Unlocking NFL Game Pass Cost: Your Comprehensive Guide to Everything You Need to Know

Unlocking NFL Game Pass Cost: Your Comprehensive Full Guide

With the 2023-24 NFL Season in full swing, dive into the action with our guide on the all-new NFL Game Pass available on NFL WEB TV. From the latest features to the unchanged pricing details in every country, this comprehensive update has you covered. Discover all the essentials you need to know about NFL Game Pass and gear up for an unparalleled football experience without any surprises in the cost – a friendly reminder that NFL WEB TV has maintained the same price since last season across all regions

What exactly is NFL Game Pass?

NFL Game Pass stands as an on-demand online subscription service crafted by the NFL, accessible via nfl.com or the NFL app. With a 7-day free trial, it caters to football fans by offering a plethora of content, including live coverage of out-of-market preseason games and on-demand replays of all 272 scheduled regular-season games for the 2023-24 season. Additionally, subscribers can enjoy live game audio, NFL Films Library favorites, and coverage of Super Bowl LVII.

Comparison of NFL Game Pass Prices

When evaluating NFL Game Pass, you’ll discover that it compares favorably to other streaming platforms. In some instances, you might need to pay more for similar features elsewhere, while in other cases, alternative platforms may offer fewer options for watching games.

Pricing of Gamepass and Other Services

NFL Game Pass: $39.95/3 months or $49.95/year with 300+ channels, incl. locker room interviews; use code SAVE50 for 50% off. Upgrade to 5 months for $69.95.


NFL WEB TV, a close competitor to NFL Game Pass, offers live streaming of every out-of-market game in your region, making it ideal for real-time game viewing. However, NFL Game Pass outshines by providing replays of Thursday, Sunday, and Monday night games, surpassing the Sunday night football limitation during the NFL season.

Subscribing to NFL WEB TV is often a prerequisite for accessing NFL Sunday Ticket, with costs varying based on the chosen access method. Opt for a 3-month package at $39.95 or a year without satellite service at $49.95. The latter unlocks NFL Redzone, Short Cuts, and Fantasy Zone—a dedicated channel for fantasy sports enthusiasts.


For NFL enthusiasts seeking an alternative, fuboTV proves to be a smart choice. This live streaming platform includes the NFL Network, ESPN, CBS, NBC, and FOX, providing live streaming access to all NFL games in your area, covering Thursday primetime matchups, Sunday games, and Monday Night Football.

The inclusion of the NFL Network keeps you updated on the latest football news throughout the week, offering classic programming and replays of games. With 250 hours of recording space, fuboTV allows ample room to record numerous NFL games, and you can simultaneously stream on up to three devices. While the monthly cost of $65 is higher than NFL Game Pass, the advantage lies in the ability to watch NFL games live.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video provides restricted live streaming options for NFL fans. However, beginning in 2023-24, it stands as the exclusive platform for watching select Thursday Night Football games. In addition to this, the platform offers diverse entertainment choices, such as “All or Nothing,” providing an exclusive behind-the-scenes perspective on a different NFL team each season.

Despite the affordable monthly price of $13, Amazon Prime falls short in delivering extensive live streaming options for NFL content beyond Thursday games. Other alternatives may better satiate your football appetite.

Is it possible to download content from NFL Game Pass for offline viewing?

Regrettably, as of now, the capability to download content on NFL Game Pass is not accessible. Both the NFL and NFL WEB TV acknowledge the significance of this feature to fans and are diligently striving to reintroduce and make it available. Anticipate its reinstatement well in advance of the upcoming 2024 season, ensuring an enhanced viewing experience for all enthusiasts.

Can I use NFL Game Pass in other countries?

If your subscription was bought in an EU country, you can access it in any other EU/EEA country. See the listed countries below for reference.

We recognize that fans worldwide want to enjoy NFL content while traveling. Whether subscribed from the EU or another country, NFL WEB TV is actively working to introduce global portability, expected to be available by the 2024 season.


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What’s the status of US commercials on NFL Game Pass?

Experience the authentic American NFL viewing with the return of US commercials for the 2023-24 season. Live games will feature a majority of US commercials, supplemented by local commercials tailored to their respective markets, along with clips of other content accessible on NFL Game Pass during six commercial breaks per game.

What’s the reason behind the absence of Coaches Film (All-22), Game in 40, or Sunday in 60 on NFL Game Pass?

Exciting update! Coaches Film, Game in 40, and Sunday in 60 are now accessible on NFL Game Pass, both for current games and future seasons.

Accessing Game in 40 is simple! On a game’s post-game video page, use the ‘highlights switcher.’ On the web, find it as a drop-down menu labeled “SWITCH VIDEO TYPE” below the video player. On mobile devices, locate it in the upper right-hand corner. These menus let you effortlessly switch between Game in 40, short-form highlights, and full game replays. Additionally, Game in 40 has dedicated content tiles labeled “Game in 40” on the homepage for quick access.

Accessing Coaches Film is straightforward – look for dedicated content tiles labeled “Coaches Film.” Typically, these on-demand content types are available within 36-48 hours after the conclusion of a game.

Accessing Sunday in 60 is also hassle-free – simply locate the dedicated content tiles labeled “Sunday in 60.” These on-demand content types are usually available within 24 hours after the conclusion of Sunday games.

Is high-definition streaming available for both live games and on-demand content on NFL Game Pass?

Live games will be streamed in crisp high definition at 1080p on NFL Game Pass. Any new on-demand content introduced on the platform will match this streaming quality. The ongoing effort involves re-coding all archive content to 1080p HD, with NFL WEB TVaiming to complete this upgrade within the next 1-2 months.

Can viewers expect high-definition streaming for both live games and on-demand content on NFL Game Pass?

Live games on NFL Game Pass will be streamed in crystal-clear high definition at 1080p. Any new on-demand content introduced on the platform will also uphold this top-notch streaming quality. Additionally, ongoing efforts include re-publishing all archive content at the same level of quality, with NFL WEB TV anticipating completion of this process within the next 1-2 months.

On how many devices can I utilize my NFL Game Pass subscription?

With NFL Game Pass, fans can register and log in on up to five devices. Simultaneously, these devices can be used on the same account, as long as they are accessed in the same location with the same IP address. This feature enables fans to indulge in multi-screen viewing, allowing them to watch live games, RedZone, NFL Network, or other content concurrently!

Important: If you use a mobile device on a cellular network while simultaneously accessing the service on the web, a connected TV, or another device on a WiFi network, it may lead to accessing the service from two different IP addresses. This could result in access being blocked until you log in on devices within the same network.

Can I initiate a stream from the beginning of the game by clicking a button?

As of now, the option to click a button and start a stream from the beginning is available exclusively on the web. Recognizing its significance to fans who wish to avoid seeing the score post-Kickoff, the NFL and NFL WEB TV are actively working to extend this feature to all devices by the 2024 season.

Meanwhile, fans can utilize the scrub bar within the video player across all devices to manually navigate back to the beginning of the broadcast. Stay tuned for the upcoming enhancements that will make this experience seamless across all platforms.

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